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Financial support

You can easily support us with a financial donation.

We are very happy about your support! We guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used to support our proposed strategies.

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Account holder: world's education for kids e.V.
IBAN: DE68 6669 2300 0033 4012 05
Bank: VR Bank Enz plus eG
Reference: Donation for world’s education for kids e.V.

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We calculated the following:

For 10 classes (of roughly 40 pupils) this is about 3 hours of English lessons per class per week.
In Bangalore an English teacher earns about €100 per week, which amounts to €2.5 / h.
So one week of English lessons for one class costs 7.5 €.
In other words, for one school kid to get English lessons in Bangalore, we need about 20 cents per week.


As a non-profit and voluntary organization we are looking forward to any donation. On our long journey, every Euro counts.
Of course, we want to give you the greatest possible transparency regarding your donation. That is why we start right here:
Many of the auxiliary tools for direct donations on the Internet retain a certain percentage of each donation to cover their costs. For example, PayPal retains 1.5% of the donation amount + 0.35 EUR and for a credit card donation 1.2% + 25 cent will be cut. Of course, we offer this service anyway.
If you would like that we receive 100% of your donation, simply donate by transfer.
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