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What we plan to achieve:

The country on the Horn of Africa has over 100 million inhabitants and an impressive history. Ethiopia, for example, remained the only non-colonized country in Africa. The Ethiopians are very proud of this. Despite its growing economy, Ethiopia is still considered one of the least developed countries in the world. Structural problems such as a weak infrastructure and long periods of drought repeatedly lead to major challenges. In addition, the English language has never spread here. Children and young people in particular have to work in the fields of this agricultural state. They are denied education because their parents lack the money and need all the help they can get. There is a lot to do here. Our local representative, Nico, also has the philosophy that such a development can only work in small steps and so we decided together to start a project in Sodo, at Nico's home in Ethiopia. Nico therefore organises various activities for children in Ethiopia. He teaches them privately in English, paints with them and organizes a small sports program. Here is an overview of the contents of the project:

  1. Sponsorships for children: At the end of last year, Nico was able to realize the sponsorship for the education of 2 girls, Adise and Elsa, in Ethiopia. We support Adise and Elsa financially, so that the two can concentrate on their education.
  2. Sports lessons for the children and painting lessons for the children - Around the meeting of our association in November 2018 we could collect numerous pens and painting utensils and prepare them for the transport to Ethiopia. Together with our friends from Sahay Solar we were able to bring the pens to their destination in February 2019. You can find more information in the blog on our website.
Train English teachers (duration: 6 months).

How did the project come about?

Our friends Sebastian & Max, who are active in the field of solar energy with their association in Ethiopia, met Nico there, who spends a lot of time with his family in Ethiopia but has his roots in Europe and also spends some months of the year there. In early October 2018 we visited Nico in his little house in France to talk about common possibilities for a project.
It quickly became clear that we wanted to learn more about Ethiopia and that Ethiopia could be a place where world's Education for kids e.V. could get involved. A reliable local partner had already proven to be very helpful in India and Tanzania. Together we were already able to implement some of the planned activities.

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