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The Kindergarten of Joy in Tansania

My name is  Mr Albert Kahai. I'm from Tansania. In 2016 I  had the idea of creating a kindergarten for children between 2 and 5 years old, at Mafinga, on the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The costs of education, such as the costs of uniforms and fees, exclude the poorest children and contribute to higher drop-out and absenteeism rates. Furthermore, the existing infrastructure is not sufficient for quality education. That's why I founded the project. I gave it the name ” KINDERGARTEN OF JOY”.  Together with Marcel and Anna from world's education for kids I am working on that project continuously. 

Reasons for the project:

- Reliable project partner on site: Albert Kahai
- Educational opportunities for more than 150 children are increased
- Education as a multiplier for better life chances for children & teaching staff
- Transparency: Cooperation with the local project partner and the project sponsors in Germany
- Early childhood education: setting the course at an early age and enabling the education of "Kleinauf

What we have achieved so far:

In order to support the Kindergarten of Joy on a long-term and sustainable basis, one of the first goals was to rebuild the kindergarten building. This means that in future the kindergarten will no longer have to pay any rental fees, which guarantees that children who are unable to attend kindergarten financially will also be accepted. Thanks to our strong local partner, the project founder Albert Kahai, the measures discussed in the context of kindergarten construction were carried out reliably, promptly and with excellent documentation. Thus the construction of the new kindergarten could be advanced. We are currently able to support 150 children.

How did this project come about?

Marcel and Anna spent 10 weeks in kindergarten in Tanzania. Their tasks were e.g. building a chicken coop or composter. Besides that they have dealt a lot with the care of the children. They planned their visit at the kindergarten as a one time and short-term stay. But often life shows different ways. A ten-weeks stay was simply not enough. Therefore, they decided to support the kindergarten in a long-term and sustainable manner. Albert Kahai regularly reports to them about the progress of the project and informs them about news. So they can estimate the needs well, in order to use the donations optimally. Albert is very pleasant, responsible and careful. For bigger issues, he always asks for their advice. So it feels like they are still on site, even though they separate about 11,000 km.

You want to know more about it? Read more: Mafinga-Blog.

Short description of the project:

For this purpose we set up the project sustainably and help people to help themselves. In the Kindergarten of Joy we first create educational opportunities by creating the necessary infrastructure, such as buildings.

Other planned activities:

In order to further support the heart project of Anna and Marcel from world's education we plan the following activities:
- Construction of an appropriate school
- Securing the water supply and basic needs of the children

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