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Background of the Patmos Island School Arusha

For this he founded a school, because he pursued the vision of supporting orphans and underprivileged children in particular. For them he wanted to ensure a high quality education so that they would have the chance of equal treatment and a bright future. This school he called Patmos Island School, in reference to a small Greek island. He envisioned Patmos Island School as a place where children can build a foundation for their future.

How did the project come about?

During this period she was particularly involved in the Kindergarten of Joy in Tansania. On her journey through Tanzania she discovered the orphanage and the school. She was particularly impressed by the people who work here for the children with a lot of love and passion. After her personal impression on site in Arusha, we want to support her heart project, the Olasiti Orphanage and the Patmos Island School together with Andrea as project godmother and not only give children education and a future, but also offer them a safe home in this case.

The Olasiti Orphanage

There are currently 31 children living in this orphanage. A further 39 children from difficult backgrounds are taken in and cared for during the day. Grandtmother Theresia and 4 other helpers take loving care of all the children as a large family. Through the cooperation with the orphanage, it is already possible for 31 of the orphans to attend the Patmos Island School. In total, the Patmos Island School is attended by 54 students, 33 boys and 21 girls.

How we support

- the admission of 12 more orphans and the securing of their school attendance
- donations in kind to equip the orphans and the school
- personal commitment of Andrea on site for the children

For the orphans and the school we are always looking for donations or people who want to fly to Tanzania and take donations with them. Among other things the following things are needed:

- Music instruments and games
- all kinds of pens
- Medicine (First aid)
- Towels
- School bags, blankets
- Shoes, clothes, rain coats and gumboots
- Playing materials like balls, ropes and other material
- Plates, cups, spoons, bowls (all plastic!)
- Electric tools like torch or solar equipment


Project leader
in Germany


Project leader in Arusha
in the orphanage & school


Patmos Island School


Olasiti orphanage
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