The journey of the pencils

Die Reise der Stifte

From Karlsruhe, a large travel bag with coloured pencils has set out on an adventure. The destination of the trip is Sodo in Ethiopia, where many children can do what we take for granted with the help of these pens. They give free rein to their creativity and paint their first pictures.

The pens have already covered a large part of the 5000 kilometres and the final step is imminent. In this blog-entry we want to give you an overview how we can move something together on another continent.
Around the general meeting of our association in November 2018 we could collect numerous pens and painting utensils and prepare them for the transport to Ethiopia. Since parcels are often lost on their way to Ethiopia, we decided on a slower but safer version of the transport. This was made possible by our friends from Sahay Solar. Max and Sebastian (see picture) are building solar-powered wells in Ethiopia and were able to transport the pens as part of their luggage during one of their trips. They were able to deposit the pens in Arba Minch, about 100 kilometres away from Sodo, with a friend who kept the pens until the arrival of our contact Nico in Ethiopia.

Unfortunately Nico could not leave due to an injury, which delayed the arrival further. Meanwhile Nico is well again and the arrival of the pens with the children in Sodo is hopefully only a question of days. We will contact you with an update as soon as the pens have reached their destination,

but first of all a big thank you to all donors!

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