What results we have achieved so far?

We would like to give you an overview of what we achieved as a TEAM of world's education of kids:
  1. 2016: Founding principles and willingness to make changes!
  2. Support of a few German interns on-site of the SRVS-School Bangalore 2017: Annika, Niklas, Patrick
  3. Foundation of the NGO in July 2017
  4. First volunteer Niklas at the SRVS School in Bangalore
  5. Visit of the SRVS School in 2017 by part of the founders
  6. Chudamanis visit to Germany in march 2018
  7. Building up a partnership with a school in Germany
  8. First contact to the founders and supporters of the kindergarten of joy project in Tanzania.
  9. Start of the second project of world's education in Tanzania
  10. 40 supportive members

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