Background: Anna, Marcel & the kindergarten of joy – Part 1

Marcel, Anna & the Kindergarten of Joy - Part 1/2

Marcel and Anna became member of the world’s education association (NGO).Since 2017 they have been assisting the Tansania project ‚Kindergarten of joy‘. In the following they explain us how it came about and what motivates them to advocate for the kindergarten.....



Marcel Kliewe, 27,


“Even small changes can make the world a better place”

Anna-Christin Langer, 23

Social worker

„Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

How have you had the idea to support a social project in Tanzania?
We have been traveling several times to various countries in Africa as tourists. We enjoyed the beautiful sides of the continent. During the travels we have also seen a lot of poverty and suffering. In a nutshell, it was a matter of our hearts to return something. After a short search we found the running project in Tanzania and this is how the adventure started.
For how long have you been on-site?

We have been in the Kindergarten in Tanzania for 10 weeks. What did we do there? Our tasks and applications areas were very different and various. For example, we built a henhouse and composter. Especially for the composter, we got to the bottom of the problem related to the plastic waste and educated people on-site.  Besides theses craft activity, we spent a lot of time with the children. Regardless of being a cook, teacher or playmate- there was always something to do. Another strong concern was the remodelling of the daily routine and learning. Sometimes we felt like being in a military camp. Everything appeared very strict and the children had to study a lot. One shouldn‘t forget that some of the children were partly 2 years old. That is why we remodelled the classes in order to find time for play and also we taught in a playful way.  Even the teachers there were very satisfied with the actions. The  classes perform much better than before. By closely living together with local people, we had the chance to immerse in the African culture.  We spent much time by sitting all around the coal stove and talking about life so that we built a friendly relationship with each other. During these talks, it has become clear to us that we have a completely different culture but there is still a lot that connects.

Why do you want to continue to support the kindergarten?

To be honest, we planned an one time and short term stay. As it is often the case, live shows new ways. The local people and especially the children there has really touched us deeply. There is much to be done. There are so many problems that people have. Yet a 10 week stay is not enough. Therefore, we decided to support in a long-term and sustainable manner.

*Part 2 follows....*

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