world's education for kids - Volontär Annika und Niklas im Schulhof

My volunteer experiences @SRVS from summer 2017

Hey, I’m Niklas (seen on the left side of the picture), a student from Germany. I did an internship with Bosch in Bangalore last summer. During this time Annika and I had the opportunity to spend our Saturdays together with Chudamani as volunteers at SRVS School.
For me, these Saturdays were personal highlights of my stay in India.
It was an amazing experience to work with those children who were so excited and had so much fun even though they were really poor. I found it quite challenging to teach children under completely different circumstances, and we had to be really creative to figure out suitable teaching methods. Even though our approach was new for the children they were open minded and happy to participate in our activities. Their progress surprised me. The project also gave me the opportunity to get much closer to this younger part of the Indian population and get a better impression of their culture, mindset, and how they live.

I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did, and I would recommend it everyone who wants to support those kids.

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