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Portrait of Chudamani – Part 2

Today we continue with our short portrait about Chudamani.

Part 2/2


  1. Why should people be interested in indian people and the their culture when they do not anything about it?
    I think it is important to show humanity and compassion for those who have been less favored by life. Here in India, this is mainly due to the many attracted people. They often have great potential, but they have no way to make full use of this because they often do not use their abilities. These circumstances are a non-functioning education system and systemic poverty. I think when we work together, we could improve the peoples situation a lot. India faces many problems.
  2. Why should we focus on local people to teach the pupils English lessons?
    Only through education, we can really change our country to the positive. I agree that India has many problems, but only when the population is formed then we can solve all other problems. Education is the key to prosperity and a higher standard of living.
  3. How has the role of the English language changed in India in recent years?
    Since we have started working for MNC (multi-national companies), good English language skills have become a prerequisite. This change has taken place in less than a decade. If you can not speak English, it is impossible to get a good job, even if you have a higher degree.
  4. You live in Bangalore almost your whole life. How has the city and India changed?
    Bangalore became India’s Sillicon Valley and is one of the most innovative places for the IT industry. It also became a great “Meltingpot”; a center of everything. People from small villages and from other states of India come to Bangalore to find work and study. However, India is still a developing country. It has experienced a series of positive changes, both economically and socially, and I hope the political system will continue this positive trend.
    Thank you for your time! 🙂

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