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Portrait of our trust person @ SRVS-school: Chudamani – Part 1

Today it is time to present to you one member of our organisation.

Rani Chuda Teil 1/2

Chudamani ist our local contact in India. She and other volunteers are responsible for the monitoring of the donations and the work at the school. We met with her for an interview to find out something more about her position in the NPO her involvement in to the organisation and why she is doing this kind of work on a voluntary basis in her free time…


  1. What´s your name? How old are you and wahr racket are you in? Would you be so kind to introduce yourself?
    My name is Chudamani (in english: precious pearl  ). I am 23 years old and I am working for HP as a process associate. 
  2. What was your contribution to the establishment of the NPO?I got in contact with Larissa (one of the founders) during her internship at Bosch. I invited her to my family´s house (her some places in the city especially the place where I spend). After some meetings we became friends and we spent our free time together. So it Happyend that I showed her the starting point of my education, the SRVS school. I told her about the difficulties and problems in Indian schools in general and the SRVS school. During my education I recognized that the biggest problem in the indian education system is missing English lessons. After that, Larissa had a discussion with Roman and they asked me if there is a possibility to help or support the school and their school kids. The idea to found an NPO aniseed after a combined school visit.
  3. What is your relationship to our current project, the SRVS school in Bangalore?
    I am the contact between the World’s Education NGO and the current project school in Bangalore.
  4. Why do you care about the English education of others?
    Or in a different way: Why is it important at all?
    I studied in the same school, so I had many problems to speak, write and understand English afterwards. I was able to make up for this by using BOSCH and the daily use of the English language there. India has dozens of different regional languages. I and my colleagues are from different regions and therefore speak different languages. That’s why we have to communicate in English at work. 
    * Part 2 follows …. *

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