world's education for kids - Interview mit Student Umesh über Englischbildung

Interview with a local student regarding english education level in India

We spoke with some locals about our goal to improve the English education levels. We asked them what they think about it and their personal experiences.

Name: Umesh
Occupation: Student
Age: 23

  1. Can you speak English?
    What little I can manage (laughs).
  2. How did you learn English?
    While I was in college. It was there a subject.
  3. Why is it important to speak English?
    The new college classes are going to be held in English instead of the local language. Therefore in the future it’s going to be necessary to speak English to study. Without a degree it’s very difficult to get a job. It’s all about your future.
  4. Do you wish to have had the opportunity to get a better training?
    I wish I would have gained more speaking experience. But I think I can understand English pretty well.
  5. Why do you think a lot of people don’t try to learn English?
    People lack the interest into the English language.

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