Arise of our founding idea

In the summer of 2016 Larissa and Evin spent 7 months interning in Bangalore, India and it was here that we got to know a local worker named Chudamani T.B., who went on to become the local trust person of our project.

Through Chudamani we were given the opportunity to immerse ourselves in Indian culture. She showed us the ways of the people, their religion and their language. But most importantly we were allowed to experience her life as a local in the center – area of Bangalore.

Touched by our first hand encounters, we were provoked to request for vital donations from back home, and after receiving an extremely positive response we were able to distribute some of these donations to Chudamani’s own elementary and secondary school (which is the SRVS-School). After coming into contact with the pupils it quickly became apparent that they were not taught to speak English and were therefore put at a huge disadvantage in the Indian job market. The school was unable to provide these lessons due to insufficient funding.

Here the idea of world’s education for kids e.V. was born.

Once home in Germany we shared our experiences and ideas to begin a charity which provided linguistic support to school pupils. With the backing of family and friends we were able to found a non-profit organisation.

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  1. I am so very amazed whenever I just see NGOs like this you people those who are actually working so very much for the very welfare of our society. And also the social workers like you actually deserve all the very applauses as well as all the very thankfulness of mine.

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